Pieces of home

A few exciting pieces of home found their way to Udaipur over the past couple of days…

ImageI went to McDonalds with friends yesterday afternoon and got a dipped cone!!! Anyone who I spoke with this summer knows that I was obsessed with McDonalds’ $1.29 dipped cones. Well, here they’re only 29 Rs (about 50 cents) and just as good. It was an excellent discovery.

ImageI also introduced my host parents to some of my favorite American foods at lunch today: grilled cheese, tomato soup, and Asian slaw. It was a struggle to figure out what food to make: it had to be vegetarian, something that only required a stovetop because they Imagedon’t have an oven or microwave, and simple enough for me to find all the ingredients in an Indian supermarket. Luckily, the meal turned out to be a success! My host dad remarked, “It’s much better than I expected!” (I think his expectations were very low). He called me an “expert chef” and is threatening to take my passport if I don’t make it another time before I leave. Tonight they’re having family friends over and have asked me to make pancakes…for dessert. We’ll see how this goes.




Another big highlight came when I Skyped into the crew team’s movie night. It was so fun to see everyone and get back into that world for a while even if just for a half an hour. Being away from my friends and family has been a challenge, but moments like these make being half way around the world not so bad; they’re little pieces of home in a place that has become my new, albeit temporary one.


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